in 2004, jolene graduated from san rafael high school in san rafael, california and received a BA in fine art from the university of california, santa cruz in 2008.


jolene is currently immersed in the art of street painting, locally and across the country, and creating eye-catching, hand drawn chalkboards and murals for bay area businesses. want to spice up your business space?

an adaptable artist catering to art lovers, businesses, and festivals, and winner of the 2013 best of the east bay “best artist”!

specializing in street painting, chalkboard art, and good, old-fashioned art for your wall.

when she’s not in the studio or out on the pavement, jolene is cooking, practicing american sign language, and serving you your favorite beer.


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about jolene

“Upon first discovering Jolene's work, I was taken with her attention to detail and unique artistic vision. Jolene spent an entire week in the space working on this massive project and delivered a breathtaking depiction of the brewing process that exceeded everyone's expectations.

“Her artwork has added excitement and a sense of discovery to our space. Customers gawk at the intricacy and beauty of this new piece. Her artwork has truly augmented the Torpedo Room's atmosphere and aesthetic.

“I would recommend Jolene to anyone who is looking for an ultra-talented artist to catalyze interest and increase the beauty of their business.”

-Ryan Tovey

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room Manager